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Well, you've gotta do SOMETHING to keep
your boredom away, you know? I do THIS!

People call it art.
Artists call it junk.
I call it FUN!


All hail! Teh f4vz! If it's here - it's awesome! :la:




Grzesiek (or just tchai)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Awesomesauce peoples - art-wise and/or friend-wise
(order is semi-random):


Current Residence: Center of Imagination
Favourite genre of music: Music of the 30's! and C64sid and, and...! Pretty much everything.
Favourite style of art: Galaxies and black holes
Operating System: Three cheers for Windows 7 x64!
MP3 player of choice: Cheap 1 GB Bluesky mp3 player
Shell of choice: HUUUH?! ...1 cm thick with HSDS applied
Wallpaper of choice: Usually my latest piece :la:
Skin of choice: Orange and white! With black stripes
Favourite cartoon character: Snufkin
Personal Quote: A person is always the most interesting book.

Something amazing happened, and as a result, I have an inbox full of awesome feedback and awesome new watcher notifications! :la: It shall not go unappreciated! :dummy: It will take me some time though, to reply to everything, and thank for everything, and to top that, I won't be able to start replying for a couple more days - so please bear with me! :noes:

For now, I'll just say this:


It means a lot, really.

Now if you would be so kind and excuse me; I have some fainting to do, because my favorite artist ever likes my work.

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Björk - Joga
  • Reading: notes
  • Watching: test renders
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: NOTHING
  • Drinking: Pepsi!


Anza 035. Uchungu

035. Bitterness

"Wow, what just happened? First we mutually hug - twice - and then this.
And what a moment for her to do that, too... Gah, tears. *sigh* I'll go get that water now.

I miss you, Kini..."

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

If I hear one thing about "Uzuri's jugs" I am going to EAT YOUR ENTIRE FACE.
...because they're urns, not jugs. BA-DUM TSSSHHHH
Anza 034. Gwaride ya udadisi

034. Parade of curiosity

"I did grow fond of her, yes... and I cannot believe it is the case. I do not want her to know that, no... and I am
asking myself: why? Perhaps the advantage she would gain is what I fear. Everything is a war. I do not wish to lose again."

"Somehow, her story of 'you may not be helpful, blah blah nyuh nyuh' didn't convince me AT ALL. Like, yeah, it may be true - and
I really think I should change that, a bit later maybe - but I'm not stupid. Aaaand I think she knows that. It's just that her
cold facade doesn't want to go away. Oh, we'll scrape it off, eventually, I bet. Someday. Yeah."

Special Content!

Three 1080p wallpapers based on:
Panel #6
Panel #7
Panel #8

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

Gah, I'm so tired after this. ;-; Well, it's nice at least, right?
...Hello? /echoing voice
Urg, panel #6 was like the worst (or, you know, best, hah!) - I've been working on it for TWO ENTIRE DAYS.
TWO. ENTIRE. GODDAMN. DAYS. That one panel. And barely anything else. By the Loa!
Anza 033. Ushirikiano

033. Cooperation

"Her drumming reminds me of the old days... back when I was a child. I did forget how it feels to not be bitter,
but her drumming somehow helps me forget about what I forgot. And I feel like a little girl again.
An adult, selfish, bitter little girl...

But I am not a giraffe now. I feel good."

Special Content!

A 1080p wallpaper based on panel #5 - GET IT HERE!
Because a chuckling Uzuri is indeed wallpaper-worthy! :lol:

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

This is, like, one of my favorites so far. :XD: I mean, IT HAS A CHUCKLING UZURI WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR :lol:
Well, probably many things, some of which you will receive, and some of them will be provided by me. :meow:
You will know what I mean when the time comes. /secrets
Anza 032. Inayoonekana twiga

032. Visible giraffe

"Her curiosity is good fuel for action, yet her "actions" are usually governed by her will to... not act... Does
this not mean that her curiosity leads to further inaction? To be precise: when she is curious about something, she is merely
being torn apart by the need to discover, and the will to continue her stagnancy. Was this not what happened while I have been
working on the upepo mchongezi? Hm.

I do not know what to make of this. Are all hyenas so oddly complicated?
*sigh* And yet again, I care too much."

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

Tanglistic tendencies
So this wasn't, and then suddenly it was.
One day I sat down, and thought HEY. HOW 'BOUT I MAKE AN ADREEA PINUP. And this happened. And I love it. It's sorta annoying though, when something this spontaneous is so much better than something thoroughly planned, but OH WELL. I can't really complain if it's good, right? ...Right?

Also an improper stereo version of this is available! :la:

Hey, you! Like anthro amphibians and/or chinese crested dogs? Then why don't you

check out more pictures with Adreea (and Jinjing-Yu) over HERE? :la:

Wow, long time no post, eh? I mean, anything other than Anza. *sigh* Life.

This shall be a birthday gift for a Hvan - and it's only late by like 386931876 billion years!
Happy birthday, Luis! Sorry it took me so long! :noes:

Wow, I'm so way behind with everything. Y_Y I'll be trying to fix that slowly, because I am finally free. :heart:
But there are so many messages, arg. Hm. I guess I should be happy about that, actually! :dummy: *hugs everybody*

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Xazo-Tak Featured By Owner May 30, 2015
How come you choose to render a creature that should be furred without fur?
Doesn't a hard surface for a supposedly-furred creature make it a little weird?
tchaikovsky2 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
True, it IS weird, but only if you don't think about it! C:

I like to think of my characters as if they're just evolved versions of animals. If humas gradually lost hair over the course of their evolution, why couldn't other animals undergo the same process?

And also, it actually started with fur being a huge technical nightmare for me (and it still is), so my first anthro char was Jinjing-Yu - a chinese crested dog (inherently no fur yaaay). But then I wanted more, and hated the wall in front of me, so I came up with this evolution explanation. :lol:

Yeah, now it actually kinda works for me. Though I'd still love to make an actually furry character. ^.^
xMandy92x Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the llama :D
tchaikovsky2 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are most welcome. ^.^
FiskBlack111 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Wow! Your renders is awesome! What software are you using?
tchaikovsky2 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many thanks! :la:

I'm using ZBrush for sculpting and texturing, 3ds Max for scene setup and rendering, and Photoshop for texturing and postwork. ^.^
tchaikovsky2 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaaaa! I'm very glad you like it that much! :hug:
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DeskaChan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, how are you?! :D (Big Grin)
I don't know if you saw my journal, but I started a facebook page. Have a look ;D…
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