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Well, you've gotta do SOMETHING to keep
your boredom away, you know? I do THIS!

People call it art.
Artists call it junk.
I call it FUN!


All hail! Teh f4vz! If it's here - it's awesome! :la:


Grzesiek (or just tchai)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Awesomesauce peoples - art-wise and/or friend-wise
(order is semi-random):


Current Residence: Center of Imagination
Favourite genre of music: Music of the 30's! and C64sid and, and...! Pretty much everything.
Favourite style of art: Galaxies and black holes
Operating System: Three cheers for Windows 7 x64!
MP3 player of choice: Cheap 1 GB Bluesky mp3 player
Shell of choice: HUUUH?! ...1 cm thick with HSDS applied
Wallpaper of choice: Usually my latest piece :la:
Skin of choice: Orange and white! With black stripes
Favourite cartoon character: Snufkin
Personal Quote: A person is always the most interesting book.

Something amazing happened, and as a result, I have an inbox full of awesome feedback and awesome new watcher notifications! :la: It shall not go unappreciated! :dummy: It will take me some time though, to reply to everything, and thank for everything, and to top that, I won't be able to start replying for a couple more days - so please bear with me! :noes:

For now, I'll just say this:


It means a lot, really.

Now if you would be so kind and excuse me; I have some fainting to do, because my favorite artist ever likes my work.

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Björk - Joga
  • Reading: notes
  • Watching: test renders
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: NOTHING
  • Drinking: Pepsi!


Anza 030. Bora kikwazo milele by tchaikovsky2
Anza 030. Bora kikwazo milele

030. Best obstacle ever

"Gwah, I just can't believe this! My drums were, like, the second thing I ever missed out here - and poof! - she made the
same set for me, eeeeee! No more boredom for me. NO. MORE. BOREDOM. FINALLY.

Now... I have some drumming to do, mwahahahahaaaaa!"

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

Wow, I've been so stupidly busy recently, that I keep thinking this episode took more time than usual! :noes:

That said, I'm sorry about my recent extreme inactivity, but rejoice! Because I've been working hard on changing exactly that! Never
again shall my dA inbox burst from the massive stockpile of messages, woohooo! Well, it'll still take a few days to get there, then
even more days of cleaning up the inbox... Arg. But I'm happy about all this. I will finally be completely free, after ten goddamn
years! *throws a party*
Anza 029. Asiyeonekana twiga by tchaikovsky2
Anza 029. Asiyeonekana twiga

029. Invisible giraffe

"Well, that's new. I'm getting worried, I hope she's just gone to do some heavy lifting or something like that, where I
would be of no help, hahaaa... *sigh*

Where are you, Uzuri?"

Special Content!

1080p SPECIAL, DIFFERENTLY FRAMED wallpapers based on:
Panel #2
Panel #3
And one regular wallpaper made of Panel #5

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

Just my luck. Doing some pretty decent facial expressions in nearly every panel, but none of them are really visible. :XD:
Hence the super special wallpapers for the really good and/or hilarious ones, heehee! :dummy:
Enjoy! :la:
Anza 028. Kabisa hofu by tchaikovsky2
Anza 028. Kabisa hofu

028. Absolute fear

"Phobias. The irrational fear of seemingly harmless things. I could never understand where they come from, and... I wish I had one - perhaps then I could study what it does to one's mind. Or perhaps I do have them, and live unaware of their existence.

One never knows when a phobia might strike."

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

So there goes the big mystery! Kebibi is afraid of the shed because she's afraid of the shed. Phobias are really a fascinating phenomenon for me. C: I have a lot of them, but I still can't really understand where they come from. Huh.

And it's a really strange thing, too! Like, I have a fear of large, enclosed spaces (like large caves, overhangs, NPP cooling towers, but not supermarkets and stuff). The peculiar thing is: when I was a kid, we went to a cave - an abandoned pyrite mine in Szklarska Poręba. I felt kinda uneasy about going in, but I could do it. But nowadays, I couldn't even get near it. :lol: So the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is hell for me. It's a very beautiful hell, though. :heart:

It's like phobias either develop over time, or just outright SPAWN right in front of your face when you least expect them.

Do YOU have any unusual phobias? C: I love hearing about them!
Anza 027. Kumwaga by tchaikovsky2
Anza 027. Kumwaga

027. Shed

"No, no, no, no, no. Get- ...someone get me away from that shed."

Special Content!

1080p wallpapers based on:
Panel #1
Panel #6

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

Finally something more varied, yay! If it's not clear what's going on, it will become clear upon reading the next episode. C:
And just so you know, it's nothing to worry about. <.< Gah, body language and expressions are hard.

P.S. Sorry about taking REALLY long to reply to comments recently! :noes: I have to blame Easter and an unfortunate coincidence of unfavorable events. I'll get to the comments as soon as possible (and I do love getting comments C: ). At least Anza isn't experiencing any delays! :la: YET. :paranoid:
The sound of the ocean by tchaikovsky2
The sound of the ocean


Because it was a huge inspiration for this. So soothing. :heart:
I wish Iz was still alive. And so does Jinjing-Yu.

Hey, you! Like anthro chinese crested dogs and/or amphibians? Then why don't you

check out more pictures with Jinjing-Yu (and Adreea) over HERE? :la:

This has to be one of my better ones! I don't see a lot of reasons to nitpick, and it didn't even take that long to make! Just below two weeks. But the render time had to make up for it - almost two hours. T_T ...Which, I suppose, is still not THAT much, but, you know.

I like this. It has a very positive effect on me - especially when combined with that song - and I really hope it can do the same for you. ^.^ Enjoy!

P.S. Before you say anything about the unbalanced composition, let me tell you there is a reason for that. /secret plans

P.P.S. Also, a birthday gift for me mom, that!

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I'm using ZBrush for sculpting and texturing, 3ds Max for scene setup and rendering, and Photoshop for texturing and postwork. ^.^
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I've been a bit too busy with things (you have noticed, haven't you? :lol: ), but other than that, good! ^^ You?
I've seen the journal, yes, but not your facebook - until now. Because... I don't have a facebook, so I'm never interested in people having it. :XD:
I really like your avatar on there. C:

P.S. I'll get to comment on some of your work eventually, I will! ; A ;
*sigh* I've had enough of this absurd lack of time, tbh. Y_Y
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I'm fine, now that I have a tablet my drawings are going to other direction. I'm still learning how to use it, but it's so fun! someday I'll get better at this >u<
It's rare to find someone that doesn't have a Facebook hahahaha
But I understand it, because people waste so much time there. If you don't control yourself it can become a bad habit
Thanks, I'm happy that you like it!

P.S. It's ok, take your time. I want to comment on your work too, and I feel horrible that I haven't done it yet. Everything you do is so cool! Q_Q
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