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Well, you've gotta do SOMETHING to keep
your boredom away, you know? I do THIS!

People call it art.
Artists call it junk.
I call it FUN!


All hail! Teh f4vz! If it's here - it's awesome! :la:




Grzesiek (or just tchai)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Awesomesauce peoples - art-wise and/or friend-wise
(order is semi-random):



or tchai

An omnivorous mammal, vaguely resembling a spotted hyena, especially with their gender being nearly impossible to determine (prefers neutral pronouns). According to three different MBTI tests conducted on different dates (to introduce mood fluctuations for more varied data), tchai is an INTP with some slight INFP tendencies.

The creature enjoys creating 3D artwork (mostly anthro-themed), and is keen to convey positive emotions to other people through it - successfully, as proven by numerous 3rd party opinions. Various subjects tchai is interested in (other than art) are, but are not limited to: science, technology, astronomy, psychology, the potential of creativity, urbex, daydreaming, gaming, architecture, and Iceland.

A tchai is normally very open-minded and friendly, as they believe that "communication builds ALL the things!" While approaching tchai, be innovative, creative, open-minded, positive, and most importantly - be yourself - and you will easily get along with them.

The creature can be found in a couple of other places around the internet:
tumblr (Anza webcomic)
SoundCloud (some 3D models for your viewing pleasure)


Hellooooooooo! :dummy:

Oh my good golly gosh gee, my last journal was over a year old! Whoopsie! But this isn't why I'm making a new one.

I want to finally start being more active here. Like, start replying to comments and notes and stuff. But there's always something that gets in my way of doing that. Last time it was literally three unpleasant things at once, one of which left me in a state of meh, and lack of energy (but don't worry about it, I'll be fine). So now everything has kinda passed, I think, but this long absence has left my inbox unattended so much, that I can hear its seams bursting! :noes:

I have almost 900 messages (not counting deviations and journals and stuff), over 100 of which are comments (also 14 notes, some of which are pretty urgent - terribly sorry about the delay!). And you know I ALWAYS reply. Almost 700 messages are faves/watches/llamas. And I ALWAYS thank for those. Well, not this time! This is just too much. :XD: I am very thankful for them all, but I just can't handle them.

I'll have to nuke them. ;-;

So! If you're a watcher since August, or newer, thank you so damn much for watching! I normally give llama badges to new watchers, but because there's like 100 of you, I'll do this differently... Hey, new watcher! Want a llama badge? Comment here, and I'll set you up! :la:

There. :XD:

So yeah, I'll go nuke part of my inbox, and start replying to comments and notes tomorrow or so, bit by bit. ^v^

Have an awesome day!

  • Mood: Dazed
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Anza scripts
  • Watching: the buckets hopping around the frame buffer
  • Eating: homemade bread
  • Drinking: cheap cherry cola


Anza 048. Kulazimishwa peponi

048. Forced paradise

"I dunno; I've never been in a place like this. Quiet and lonely, I mean. I used to be constantly among people, and I liked it. And while I understand we are all different, I can't imagine living alone for many years.

Hm... Or maybe I can. But do I see the appeal? No idea. She must've had a huge reason to pick this lifestyle. Or maybe it picked her.

Oh great, now I'm starting to talk like her."

Special Content!

1080p wallpapers made of:
Panel #1
Panel #5

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

Doing this one felt so nice. It was a breeze; I could easily make the entire episode in less than a week (though I still didn't haha). Ahhh, I needed that.
Still need some more, though. Expect more simple episodes like this one soon! I hope. *tired hyena noises*
Anza 047. Unataka

047. Wish

"I am occasionally asking myself whether I would prefer living here with or without her. I still do not know the answer, but I am certain that if she left now, I would be missing her.

*sigh* I have long forgotten the feeling of being used to people. In a way, it is refreshing, but also immensely exhausting. I still wish things could have gone differently, but... perhaps some day I will be happy once more, and it would not be a surprise if it was thanks to this annoying hyena."

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

I have only one thing to say here, and that's the fact that I'm super proud of the framing in 4 out of 6 panels. ;v;
These are for you

There's also a faux stereo version of this right here!


I've always wanted to make more pawsy pics like this, but I somehow could never get around to it. Now I think I'm making too many. :lol:

But hey, I'm not really complaining; they're fun to make, and I know there are many people following me, who appreciate this subject matter. :meow:

Hey, you! Like anthro chinese crested dogs and/or amphibians? Then why don't you

check out more pictures with Jinjing-Yu (and Adreea) over HERE? :la:

A birthday gift for someone particularly awesome. C:
Anza 046. Malengo

046. Goals

"Well hey, if those cookies were my reward for helping with that painting, then I see no reason why I shouldn't eat them all. Maybe except for all the time I'll waste on digesting all this. Bah. Totally worth it."

Special Content!

1080p wallpapers made of:
Panel #1
Panel #4
Panel #5

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:

Welcome to 2016, where we have no hoverboards, no self-tying shoes, no self-drying clothes, no hovercars, NO NOTHING, STILL. CAKE. CAKE EVERYWHERE.
But hey, at least we have more Anza, just as promised! :la:

Enjoy! :D
Likizo kutibu
"I do not normally make food as a gift, but I suppose this would be a special occasion. It has been a long time, and I am genuinely surprised you are still enjoying this grumpy hermit's company.

Thank you for not forsaking me like the others."

Special Content!

A 3D model of the wooden thingy Uzuri made for you! Right this way!

Important Service Announcement!

This image is the result of the first Public Brainstorm I did on my Patreon. Basically, it's an idea developed by Patrons, and then turned into a picture by me. :dummy: It was fun, and I hope you like the result! Also, I was going to post this on the next Anza friday, but that would be the 25th. I doubt anyone would see it then. :XD:

Happy holidays, everyone! And a happy new year, too!
I'LL SEE YOU IN 2016 *flies away on a hoverboard bought in October*

Hey, you! First time seeing Anza? Then why don't you

check out the official Anza tumblr over HERE ? :la:


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