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I'm tchaikovsky2, but you can call me tchai.


I make 3D stuff. It will either make you happy, or terrified and screaming for your life.
If it's the latter - carry on, nothing to see here.
If it's the former - yay. Enjoy!

Also have some more places what I do be at:
tumblr (Anza webcomic)
SoundCloud (some 3D models for your viewing pleasure)

P.S. Neutral pronouns plz.

The title may or may not be a lie.

Remember me?
PROBABLY NOT SINCE I DON'T REPLY TO THE BLOODY COMMENTS I'M SORRY IT'S JUST SO HARD and I've been trying to do something about it, like deleting all the comments which don't absolutely require a reply (like questions do), but even that wasn't going well. Maybe I'll get there eventualy. I want to be more active here, but I just have so many comments it's pushing me into that endless spiral of guilt. ;-; I'll be trying. Worst case scenario I'll just nuke everything and start replying to new comments.

I do appreciate your comments, though. <3

BUT THIS IS NOT WHY YOU'RE READING THESE WORDS THESE WORDS ARE HERE TO SAY HOLY SHIT THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES AGAIN WOW MY LAST JOURNAL WAS ALMOST A YEAR OLD AND WAS VAGUELY ABOUT THE SAME THING SO LET'S SHAKE THINGS UP A BIT NOW AFTER THIS IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I had black forest cake for my birthday. I had literal lie. Lie tastes great. Delicious carbs. Also got myself a new, ultrawide monitor with 99% sRGB, so my new art may or may not look a bit different. It's lovely. The colors, the depth, and the frickin size of this thing. Arting just became much more comfy.

The OTHER real reason why I'm making this journal is SOMETHING BIG IS COMING UP AND I WANT TO BUILD SOME HYPE SO


Here's a hint: it has a [REDACTED] and lots of [DATA EXPUNGED]
Should go live within a month.

Also, I got a Core Membership from an excellent bean known as TheOnlineAnimator - thank you again!

But yeah, get hyped for that new thing, it's REALLY GOOD

Stay excellent, and have an equally excellent day!

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: all these comments omg
  • Watching: all these comments coming omg
  • Eating: low amounts of delicious carbs
  • Drinking: anything liquid (like cats)


Because laws of physics are overrated.

Hey, you! Like anthro kangaroos? Then why don't you

check out more pictures with Alinga and Alkina over HERE? :la:

There are almost 3300 squashed spheres serving as dots in this picture. Half of them were placed manually. The other half was duplicated and rotated over to the other side of the background. I'm not THAT patient. ._.
Getting the hang of this now tho! It's not very easy, even with all this technology doing like 30% of the work for me. Huge respect for actual dot painters holy shit.

Also this picture makes an excellent 21:9 wallpaper. C:
My respawsibility
By popular demand (a.k.a. one person asked and I felt like making it), I present to you!... *drumroll* ...MORE PAWS! *very slightly wonky fanfare noises*
Also there is a 1080p wallpaper version of it in the attached ZIP together with the above image. C:

Hey, you! Like anthro chinese crested dogs and/or amphibians? Then why don't you

check out more pictures with Jinjing-Yu (and Adreea) over HERE? :la:

I've learned two things while working on this piece! One is very nice filmic toning. It'll enable me to give my renders more exposure, which directly translates to less noise artifacts (and of course longer render times, but hey) without having overexposed areas (even with drastic postwork you can still see most of the details in the sunlit hair). So that's excellent. The other thing is LOOK AT THE CLOUDS I SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED THE TECHNIQUE FOR THOSE WOOHOOO
Just in case you thought I was serious (haha hahaha ha haaaaa), that sparkledog Jinjing-Yu was an April Fools joke. If your eyes are still bleeding, try this homemade remedy!
Jinjing-Yu 2.0
That's her name now. Yes, I came up with some interesting things for her!

Jinjing-Yu 2.0 is the daughter of a half-cow, half-demon, half-angel, and a rainbow god. That's why she has herbivore teeth and magical curly hair made of pure rainbow particles that faintly glow in the dark. Also purple spots, and eyes that can see into the future and into the past - everyone's, except for her own, so she doesn't know who she is. She only vaguely remembers her parents, and is on a quest to find them.

But she probably never will, because the demons have captured her half-cow, half-demon, half-angel mother, and are keeping her in the depths of Tartaros. Her father, the rainbow god, was unable to reach that deep, and has fallen into a coma from despair.

Despite all that, Jinjing-Yu 2.0 keeps a cheerful attitude and a positive outlook on life.

- pizza
- chocolate
- rainbows
- gliding across rainbows thanks to her magical hair
- searching for her parents

- angry people
- cooked carrot
- blood and guts
- U2
- being unable to find her parents

I hope you like her new version!

Original character, donut steel, copyright tchaikovsky2.

Hey, you! Like anthro chinese crested dogs and/or amphibians? Then why don't you

check out more pictures with Jinjing-Yu 2.0 (and Adreea) over HERE? :la:

And in case you haven't figured that out, this was an April Fools joke.

Here is a soothing version for your bleeding eyes.



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Thank you for the llama.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
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Very interesting, I don't think I've seen anything like this before. I look forward to reading your story and learning about your characters.
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Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Happy bday you realistic anthro traumatizing awesome "why am i watching this and why do i enjoy it" person :D
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Happy Birthday!
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appy birthday I hope you get every thing you want and would like. I hope your well. I hope your friends and family will remember this very speical day of your birth. I hope your in good health and have a  merry spirits. I wish you a joyful day and I hope your day goes well and enjoy it to the full max. I look forward to hearing all about it soon. I hope your well too., Bye for now from DANIEL 

ps. All so have a nice weekend and a nice day and relaxing evening  I hope your Christmas went well as it could be. as good as they come. i hope you enjoyed 2016 i wish you a awesome Happy new year. To you. I wish you all the best for and all of 17 and beyond I wish you the best for the future have a nice winter too. and i hope you did enjoyed your Halloween if your into that sort of thing I am totally in lol i hope you have a  nice valentines and i hope the family is well. i hope you all have a great easter too. and a nice summer as well as a good fall. i hope you have  a awesome 2017 and great day danny.
Destiny3000 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer

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