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I just wanted to make a THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES journal, because I was a butt and couldn't reply in time to each of you. D: Sorry! ;A;


P.S. Making yet another attempt at replying to all the comments! Once again, I apologize it's taking so damn long. v_v There are several reasons for that, but I don't want to make excuses again. :lol:

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Hellooooooooo! :dummy:

Oh my good golly gosh gee, my last journal was over a year old! Whoopsie! But this isn't why I'm making a new one.

I want to finally start being more active here. Like, start replying to comments and notes and stuff. But there's always something that gets in my way of doing that. Last time it was literally three unpleasant things at once, one of which left me in a state of meh, and lack of energy (but don't worry about it, I'll be fine). So now everything has kinda passed, I think, but this long absence has left my inbox unattended so much, that I can hear its seams bursting! :noes:

I have almost 900 messages (not counting deviations and journals and stuff), over 100 of which are comments (also 14 notes, some of which are pretty urgent - terribly sorry about the delay!). And you know I ALWAYS reply. Almost 700 messages are faves/watches/llamas. And I ALWAYS thank for those. Well, not this time! This is just too much. :XD: I am very thankful for them all, but I just can't handle them.

I'll have to nuke them. ;-;

So! If you're a watcher since August, or newer, thank you so damn much for watching! I normally give llama badges to new watchers, but because there's like 100 of you, I'll do this differently... Hey, new watcher! Want a llama badge? Comment here, and I'll set you up! :la:

There. :XD:

So yeah, I'll go nuke part of my inbox, and start replying to comments and notes tomorrow or so, bit by bit. ^v^

Have an awesome day!

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Something amazing happened, and as a result, I have an inbox full of awesome feedback and awesome new watcher notifications! :la: It shall not go unappreciated! :dummy: It will take me some time though, to reply to everything, and thank for everything, and to top that, I won't be able to start replying for a couple more days - so please bear with me! :noes:

For now, I'll just say this:


It means a lot, really.

Now if you would be so kind and excuse me; I have some fainting to do, because my favorite artist ever likes my work.

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  • Playing: Minecraft
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  • Drinking: Pepsi!

I, uhh... accidentally started a very big project and could use some help. :XD: I know it's going somewhere, but I'm not sure if it will actually GET there. Well, anyway...

Keep in mind that it's still a sketch, though.
Click on the pentagonal button to the left for better definition! [NOTE: this may lag]

Here's some basic information about the [yet unnamed] race and their home:

They are an advanced species (about 600-800 years more technologically advanced than humans) and come from a [yet unnamed] planet orbiting around a [yet unnamed] red giant (maybe a binary system for fanciness' sake, dunno yet; maybe something different altogether) binary star (totally plausible if the stars fulfill a set of conditions, which they do). The gravity there is a bit weaker than ours (say, 0.66G), so they are taller than humans (about 2.5 m; or 100").

They are peaceful (for comparison, I wouldn't really call humans peaceful), omnivorous, and their biggest achievements are in science and art.

They have bioluminescent parts, divided into three areas (shapes scattered around: head and neck; chest and arms; belly, legs and tail) - all these areas are used independently, can change color and flicker independently. All this is used for communication enhancement (among other things), along with elaborate chirp-like sounds, which are the primary means of communication.

Each one of them has different markings and colors - there is literally no such thing as two visually identical, or similar individuals. The bioluminescent parts are also in different shapes, but always in roughly the same places.

These markings and colors are not dependent on the parents' colors; they are totally random.

Also, they do not know the concept of gender - they are all agender, or bigender (or whatever you want to call it); no males and females whatsoever. So... coming up with their reproductive organs (and, uhh... process) is gonna be quite a challenge. :lol: I'm thinking about doing something somewhat similar to marsupials.

That's almost all the basic info I have for now. I hope it's interesting for more people than just me and my brother. :XD: I also hope you'll be able to give me some feedback and possible ideas. I actually would LOVE some questions about this species, as they would REALLY help me come up with facts! :dummy:

I start too many projects. :paranoid:

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So my brother and I have started playing Saints Row IV a couple of days ago.

Aside from the game being absolutely fantastically screwed up humor-wise, and the gameplay being incredibly addicting (superpowers, wooo!), kinda like Prototype, there are just two words I have to say about it.



I am totally serious.
Here, have a video:

Needless to say, this is my favorite weapon EVER - not only from that game, but literally EVER. :lol:



That is all.

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...that dolphins give themselves names?
And probably build simple phrases?

It's true!

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  • Playing: Dead Space
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  • Drinking: apple flavored Mirinda

Yesterday I had, like, 37 feedback messages here. I "log in" today (I'm always logged in), and POOF! - 193 messages.


Turns out I got a feature. On deviantART's facebook no less.


I didn't even know there was such a thing, not to mention how much more of an honor that is than a DD! :la:
I am officially shocked. Now with 512% more shock!


So, everyone, thank you for all the favs, watches (I will probably thank for these personally soon), llamas (I will give them back, yes), and of course - thank you, dA, for the feature!

Note: recently I'm ridiculously busy, but I will reply to the comments within a few days! :dummy:

And now, if you would be so kind as to excuse me, I shall have to faint.
...bearing the following expression on me face:


P.S.: Whoa.

P.S.2: Just... why did it have to be THAT piece AGAIN?! :crying:
I cringe when I look at it! :lol:
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  • Watching: feedback messages&#039; number growing o_O
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  • Drinking: chemicals

Just a super-quick update.
I am working on a new anthro character!

Gotta say, I have never had so much fun making imperfections.
This is gonna be sweet. All of it.
Maybe except for the teeth.

That is all.


P.S. dA, I LOVE Writer; thank you.

P.S.2 There are hints on what will that character be all over this journal, heeheehee. :iconteheplz:
And there are also side-effect reverse hints pointing to something else, so good luck finding anything out. :trollface:

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Hellew, friends!

Wanna have a laugh?
Here, have my first ever 3D piece: RIGHT THIS WAY, PLEASE!

Collected all the dust from the floor while laughing?

Now have my second ever 3D piece, it is RIGHT THERE, on the shelf, behind the cobwebs.

Both of these were done in March 2005. Within A WEEK. :lol:
They actually look a bit better than I had remembered. :XD:

And now you should have a very clean floor.
You're welcome.

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  • Playing: TES V: Skyrim - Dragonborn
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  • Drinking: Coca-Cola because Pepsi was out &gt;:U
I am in love.

I open my eyes.
The glistening ocean is so peaceful.
Where am I?

The blue horizon is so tempting.
Something in the distance.
I'm coming.

An island. As if calling out my name.
Toying with my curiosity.
My first step on its sand.

The spring life. It's singing for me,
and at the same time, singing with my help.
The colors, they are speaking to my synesthetic mind.

Stones leading me, creating songs of adventure.
Where are you taking me?

A path. A rugged hut.
A cemetery.
Is anyone else here?

Ruined towers. Sculptures on the hilltops.
They want to tell me their secrets.
Someone left their memories here.

Sunset. Evening. Nightfall.
I feel magic. The stones are leading me again.
Something will be different.
Everything will be different.

Circle of stones,
singing songs of time and change.
Trees dancing to the wind of history.
Show me.

Sun rising. Rainy clouds storming in.
And out. Moon rising.
Then setting. Sun rising.
And it's night again.

I feel warmth.
Summer. Suddenly.

Songs of teeming life.
I lay down.

There is much exploring left to do.
But it can wait.

The grand concert is yet to be played.
But I want to play too.

I stand up.
Go. Discover.
In awe.

The colors of spring.
The life and music of summer.
The magic and peace of autumn.
The mystery of winter.

I am in love.

And that, my friends, is how I felt yesterday, when first playing Proteus - an amazingly beautiful and inspiring gamelike experience.

So far I've played it five times, I think. And I know that number will constantly grow.

Don't read up on it, don't ask about it.
This game is supposed to be experienced, and the experience processed with your own mind.

  • Listening to: Proteus
  • Reading: lots of technical guides; LEARN -ALL- THE THINGS!
  • Watching: Top Cat and MacGyver
  • Playing: Proteus
  • Eating: tomato sandwiches
  • Drinking: PEPSI! :la:

You might've noticed I was gone for like... two months?
There are reasons, of course.

One of them can't be spoken of, because as soon as I talk about a big project, I automatically stop working on it. Absolutely no idea why that happens, but I'm not gonna make that mistake ever again. :XD:

The other one was supposed to be more of a secret, but OH WHAT THE HELL.
I've been working on another anthro character - SURPRIIISEEEEE!
No further details yet, though.
She (was that a detail?) was supposed to be a way to celebrate my 100th piece (there's a spoiler for ye). I know dA shows I have more, but it also counts scraps and other shiz.

So. Excuses? Maybe. But at least I'm not procrastinating with these things.
Much. :iconhurrhurrplz:

jk, I'm actually working harder than I thought I can on that first thing.
AND IT CONSUMES MY TIME FASTER THAN EU-07 CONSUMES ELECTRICITY, so there's no time left to work on that character.

Imma try to finish her soon though.

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  • Reading: lots of technical guides; LEARN -ALL- THE THINGS!
  • Watching: Top Cat and MacGyver
  • Playing: Minecraft
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  • Drinking: lemon tea
Yes, I'm serious! :la:
I'm thinking of selling statues of Jinjing-Yu in various poses through
I NEED THE MONEY, OKAY? :paranoid:

They would probably be around 10 to 20 cm (or 4" to 8") tall (think of Hugtime! as reference).
And thanks to, I can even make 3D previews of each statue! :dummy:

But before I take that into serious consideration, I need to know:
:bulletorange: Would you buy such a statue?
:bulletorange: How much would you be ready to pay for it?

The price would vary depending on the material you choose, and size, and it should probably range from about $20 to $60 plus shipping, for the mid-cheap white plastic.

Gotta say, this idea got me so excited that I couldn't sleep for a couple of hours at night. :lol:

  • Listening to: Eduard Khil - I am very glad because i&#039;m...
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  • Watching: Hey, Arnold! and MacGyver
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So, only two one days left, eh?

Okay. I know many people actually worry about all this being true.

SHAME ON THEM! :shakefist:

Seriously though, it's not gonna happen, the End of the World, you know.

No one is quite sure WHAT is supposed to happen, but from what I see, most think it's gonna be a geomagnetic reversal (our planet's poles flipping). That doesn't mean "End of Times". Worst case scenario might only mean "computers and other electronics wiped clean". End of the world for some people, not for humanity.

ANYWAY, the Mayans. We all know they were an advanced civilization (well, for their times anyway), BUT! There is absolutely no way they could predict when the world is going to end, and even more ludicrous is believing they predicted when A FRIGGEN' UNPREDICTABLE GEOMAGNETIC REVERSAL IS GOING TO HAPPEN (as they happen every couple hundred thousands of years without much regularity).

I mean, I remember reading about scientists warning us of a reversal coming, but it's so unpredictable, that they said it could happen either in a month, or in a dozen hundred years, so yeah. No, Mayans, u fail, I lol. :lol:

Now, what most people don't realize, is that the awesome Mayan calendar speaks of the god - Quetzalcoatl - returning, not of the End.
Unless their god is real, and he's evil. Then we're screw'd.
But we all know he isn't real. Yes.

Oh, and I read something about the End occuring in 2018.


They just keep saying "the end is nigh", and after everyone starts panicking as the deadline draws closer, they say "the end is in a few years!" - and hopefully everyone will forget.

So, what do you guize think 'bout all that?
I say (:iconisayplz:), most impossible, and such a bunch of bull.

I, tchaikovsky2, have lived through THREE Ends of the World, and this upcoming one will be the FOURTH! :la:
Watch me as I "miraculously survive" again! :lol:

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Hellew! It seems I may have gotten a DD today. Oh, what jolly fun indeed! :iconisayplz:

And the lucky deviation is...! THIS ONE!
It is my second DD! :iconlawooplz:

Now, my watchers already know that, but I'll have to say it here - I don't have the time, nor battery life, to thank for the 300+ assorted favs/watches I got so far, so I'll say it here:


I really appreciate every single one of those.

Oh, and I WILL reply to comments, just not right now. Within a few days. Yes.
A single comment is worth more than a dozen favs.

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  • Watching: nothing; saves eyes
  • Playing: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy, in a few days
  • Eating: CHEESE CAKE
  • Drinking: apple and mint juice (not made by Apple)
What this means is that I just bought me a tablet PC! :la:
And what THIS means is that I will be able to come here whenever I couldn't normally.
In fact, I'm using it right now to write this journal! :dummy:

So I'm not sure whether or not this is good news for you, but from now on, tchaikovsky2 will be (quite) a bit more active here. IT IS A MILESTONE! :iconitsbeautifulplz:

But right now I'm going to sleep, cause its 2:17 am here.


Also, typos. They may happen more often now. :paranoid:
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  • Drinking: NOTHING (look above)
I feel as if I'd forgotten about something important.

I look at my gallery and I know I have.
Everything's gotta be so goddamn real. Mostly.
And mundane.

Where did it go?

*runs off to look for it*

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  • Playing: Redneck Rampage (1997, woo!)
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  • Drinking: NOTHING (look above)
Hai guize! :la:

I just popped in to quickly say that in two days I'm going on vacation! :woohoo:
Not for long this time, only four days, but I don't care - it'll be fun anyway. :dummy:
Also, Szklarska Poręba again, and also, go tell MartaEmi to remind me of those photos
I've promised her a year ago.

So yeah, I know I tend to be away for weeks, and this here is just four days,
but I said it just in case anyone asks about something important,
hoping for a hasty response, and... Bah.

Or blurt. Whichever you prefer.

Anyway, bai!

ALSO, go wish DeskaChan a happy birthday! :dummy:

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  • Drinking: NOTHING (look above)
Recently I have received a buttload of favs, watches, and views,
mainly on this piece.
EDIT: I've put it into storage for now, we'll see what happens.

Seeing the favers' and watchers' other favs, I realized they thought they fav'd a transformation-themed piece, and watched a transformation artist.
Oh, how wrong they were. How vewy, VEWY wrong they were.

Now, while I'm usually confused as to why my work gets so little attention (and I work really hard), I do NOT wish to become popular as a result of a silly misunderstanding.

I have no idea who spun the rumor that Jinjing-Yu is a transformation, but it's REALLY infuriating.
I don't like transformations, so I don't like the fact that a character, into which I've put long hours of thought and crafting with love, is mistaken for one.

So please, stop spreading Jinjing-Yu pieces over transformation lovers.

Go ahead and hate me now.

I'm not even going to thank the people for them favs and watches, because IT WAS A MISUNDERSTANDING. :|

Also, if this whole TF farse doesn't stop, I'll DELETE that deviation.
That's how much it pisses me off.

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  • Reading: AO mask settings
  • Watching: results
  • Playing: MORROWIND, hellz yeah
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: tea from a 0,5 l mug

This simple age test will tell you!

I already know I'm old, because it took me like 10 seconds
to realize what I'm looking at. :XD:

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  • Playing: Shadow Warrior (yeah, 1997)
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...I say change!
And my journal has changed.

sorry, just wanted to get rid of outdated stuff.

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  • Watching: the clouds
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